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Land use change and forest fire covering millions ha of peat-land in Central Kalimantan are the main factor contribute on forest peatland degradation. This study aimed to determine the impact of forest peatland fire severity level on the plant diversity and soil chemical properties of wet tropical peatland in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. The severe peat fire extremely decreased diversity, number of individuals as well as number of plant species. The accumulation of ashes in forest peat fires impacted area instantly increased pH, organic matter, humic acid content, hydrophobicity, available-N and available-K. However, their availabilities had only been temporary as they were easily diminished and washed way which result in long-term land degradation. An opened and dried peatland had low water holding capability and, hence, it was relatively easy to burn during the dry season but flooded during the rainy …

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Handbook of Climate Change and Biodiversity

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Cahyono Agus, Fatikhul F Azmi, Zinda R Ilfana, Dewi Wulandari, Dony Rachmanadi, Marinus K Harun, Tri W Yuwati